Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm Learning

Thank you all for being so kind. I am completely computer ill-literate. My husband had to show me how to turn on the computer. My daughter helped me set up the blog site. My other daughter helped me, by phone, to add this post. Maybe someday I'll get it by myself. Even the language used is foreign to me. When someone says open the window, I'm thinking it isn't hot in here.
Back to carving. I try to carve, paint, or draw every day. I have friends who like to come over and play at my house too. We carve, or paint and have a great time. I am working on a double cypress knee now. A cypress knee is part of the root of the cypress tree. They grow in swamps around the tree. I get them from Louisiana. They are cone shaped and the double one I am working on is like two cones joined together. I am carving Santa in one and Mrs. Santa in the other. Hopefully I will have a picture in the future.
Thanks for your support.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Wow wood carving is totally foreign to me. I can't wait to see more of your work. I love to see people increasing their talents!

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Oh we get to learn new things, too? Now I know what a cypress knee is. Who knew? There must be so much history and tradition in carving.

Sandra said...

do you sell your carvings?
if so where can I buy them.
my e-mail address:

quilterpolly said...

Life is about learning. Learning keeps us young:) Can't wait to see the santa and mrs santa. You taught us today what a cypress knee was:)

Lori said...

You are doing great Mom. It is going to be so much fun for Hannah, Michael, and Jonathan to be able to see what you are doing.